Who Are The Most Highly-Regarded Celebrities?

De Andre Bush Eoohqhdvep0 UnsplashPhoto by De’Andre Bush on Unsplash

Buzzfeed has a new poll where they tossed out the names of 50 celebrities… and asked people if they have a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE opinion of them at the moment.

Some of the most highly-regarded celebrities are not surprising.

People love Keanu Reeves.  But some WERE unexpected … like the universal adoration for Danny DeVito.

Here are some highlights from the poll…

1.  Danny DeVito and Keanu Reeves … both got 96% positive opinions.

2.  Dolly Parton … 95% have a positive opinion of her.

3.  Ryan Reynolds … 92% positive.

4.  Blake Lively … 91% positive.

5.  Chris Evans and George Clooney … both got 90% positive.

6.  Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga … both got 89% positive.

7.  Adam Sandler … 82% positive.

8.  Nicole Kidman … 80% positive.

9.  Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift … both got 77% positive.

10.  Harry Styles and Martha Stewart … both got 74% positive.

The closest to toss-ups were:  Doja Cat and Liam Hemsworth (both at 51% positive) … Chelsea Handler (52% positive)… Ben Affleck (52% negative) … Dave Chappelle (53% negative) … and Blake Shelton (54% negative).

On the flip-side…

1.  Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook … 94% have negative opinions of him.

2.  Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos from Amazon … both got 91% negative.

3.  Ellen DeGeneres and Adam Levine … both got 90% negative.

4.  Kylie Jenner … 82% negative.  Also:  Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner were both at 75% negative.

5.  James Corden … 78% negative.

This Buzzfeed.com link has all 50.  Please note though, it’s an ongoing poll, so the numbers may shift a bit over time.