Simple Simon

Sore Looser

This week's Simple Simon lost his freedom because his favorite college team lost

Shots Fired

If you are going to steal from anyone you may want to make sure it isn't the police

Sleepy & Stupid

The fact that FDA has to tell us not to do this says a lot about our society.

Can't Stop A Train

If you have to commit a felony to get out of work, maybe you should just quit

Burning With Stupidity

Getting the perfect selfie in front a scenic background can do wonders for your ig page, however a selfie should not but you in danger nor cause you to fall into an active volcano!

Mobile Home Fail

Cutting corners is never good, especially when it comes to moving large items such as modular homes. According to police, this week's Simple Simons decided it would be a great idea to move a modular home without the proper permits…

Dripping With Stupidity

Pranks can be funny, but pranks should also be relatively harmless but most importantly not land you in jail facing felonies. Timothy Sled thought it was a good idea to shoot at a water tower in Kingsland, Arkansas. The water…