Simple Simon

Worst Wake Up Call

Normally when you get a wake up call, the front desk calls your room, this week's Simple Simon took it to a whole new creepy level.

Insult To Injury

Find out how a woman got a ticket after being run over by her own car

How Not To Call In Sick

If you don't want to go to work, just call in sick or quit. Do not do what this Simple Simon did

Food Fight

This Simple Simon wrecked a business over a messed up order

Nacho Fire

Learn how man caused millions of dollars of damage by making Nachos

Arrested Stupidity

A man in Atlanta, was arrested for impersonating a cop, you won't believe what he was doing that got him caught

Daycare Dummies

One pre-school in Florida learned a costly lesson on how not to teach Black History

Out Of Bounds

This week's Simple Simon thought she could impersonate a 13 year old girl in basketball game and thought no one would notice

Beef Stick Beating

A woman in Florida is jail because she assaulted another woman with a Slim Jim

No Fly List

Imagine dining and dashing and ending up in handcuffs and possibly banned from flying

Closing Shots

This week's Simple Simon showed us what not to do at Taco Bell

Driving To Divorce

It is one thing to forget your phone or wallet at a gas station, but YOUR SPOUCE! That seems intentional

Hot Mic

There are certain things you should not do on the job. This deputy learned a valuable and embarrassing lesson

Sore Looser

This week's Simple Simon lost his freedom because his favorite college team lost