Our Biggest Airline Pet Peeves Include Seat-Kicking and Forced Small Talk

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Does it annoy you when people on a plane stand up in the aisle before it’s their turn to get off?  63% said yes in a new poll.  41% also find it annoying if people clap when the plane lands without CRASHING.  But neither of those things made the list of our TOP airline pet peeves . . .

1.  When the person behind you kicks your seat.  Usually a kid, but not always.

2.  Line-cutting.  That includes people who try to cut at check-in, and at the gate.

3.  When people are rude to airport staff and flight attendants.

4.  People who stand on moving walkways, so you can’t get by.  You don’t HAVE to stop walking on those things.  But if you do, move to the right.

5.  People who crowd the gate before it’s time to board.

6.  Someone asking if you’ll switch seats with them.

7.  Strangers who force you into small talk on the plane.  That’s not the WORST person you can sit next to though.  The poll found 74% of us would rather deal with a nonstop talker than someone who STINKS.

Also, 54% would rather sit next to a dog than a baby.  But 55% would rather be next to a crying baby than a fighting couple.

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