Should the Monday After the Super Bowl Be a National Holiday?

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

The Super Bowl is less than a week away, so people are talking about this again:  Should the Monday after the big game be a national HOLIDAY?

The idea is everyone’s tired and hung over.  And millions of Americans call in sick anyway.  So why not lean into it?  Studies have found it’s one of the most unproductive work days of the year.

Some areas of the country have already taken matters into their own hands.  A New Jersey school district near Philadelphia is starting class two hours late next Monday to let Eagles fans sleep in.

The superintendent sent a text to parents.  Quote, “We feel that it’s important to give students and staff the opportunity to enjoy the game with their families, and still attend school and work the next day safely and well-rested.”

Meanwhile, two politicians in Tennessee just introduced a bill last Wednesday to make it a state holiday instead of Columbus Day.

They changed course on Friday.  They now want to keep Columbus Day, and just ADD “Super Bowl Monday”.  It’s not clear what its chances of passing are.

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay